Homemade Fettuccine with Chilli Saffron Prawns

Is there any greater joy than making your own pasta? …I think not! I am always amazed and delighted when on my well-worn and much loved pine table I crack eggs into a circle of pasta flour, and with the help of a fork, a dough scraper and my hands, bring it together into a lovely glossy dough ball. I love the tactile nature of working the dough and the simplicity of how with just two ingredients you can make something so …well…so satisfyingly delicious.


Making pasta

I am a homemade pasta convert, having learned to make the basic pasta dough a long time ago and becoming more proficient following classes I attended at Cucina Italiana Cooking School given by a great Italian cook and teacher, Luciana Sampogna. I love her authenticity & her guide to using just the right quantity of flour…100g per egg plus 10g for God (of course!). What she means by this is 10g for the conditions in which you are making the pasta…is it hot, cold, humid etc?…. you know…the conditions which are out of human control & which need to be balanced with the help of a little extra flour 🙂  I very much recommend her Sydney classes.IMG_2203[1]

I have a lovely memory of making pasta with my now adult son when he was only six; his little self sitting on the kitchen island turning the handle of the pasta machine as I fed the dough through the roller…simple and joyful times. I would love to hear about your pasta making stories, how you started, how you learned & what you now make etc., so please leave a comment and share your pasta making journey.


Here is a recipe which I have developed over time. It has all the flavours I love (well except truffle which is becoming a full blown addiction!).


Saffron & Chilli Prawns with fettuccine

Bon Appetit – or should I say “Buon Appetito” – and happy pasta making!

Kathryn x

Saffron & Chilli Prawns with fettuccine Kathryninthekitchen recipe (serves 4)

2 tbsp olive oil
2 large eschallots- finely diced (can substitute onion)
1garlic clove – finely diced
½ fennel – thinly sliced (matchstick) – retain some of the pretty fronds for garnish
180g of cherry tomatoes – halved or quartered depending on size
Large pinch of saffron
Dried chilli to taste
½ cup passata
Zest of ½ lemon
100ml vermouth or white wine
Salt & Pepper
800g green prawns – shelled and deveined
1 tbsp fresh parsley – finely chopped
Fresh fettuccine


  • Add oil, onion, garlic & chilli to thick based saucepan over medium heat and cook until translucent (not coloured)
  • Increase heat and add vermouth, cooking until evaporated
  • Add fennel and cook for 1- 2 mins
  • Add tomatoes& saffron and cook through
  • Add lemon zest
  • Add prawns and cook though
  • Taste for seasoning and stir through parsley

Cook and drain pasta, reserving half a cup of the pasta cooking water
Add the pasta water to the sauce and the drained pasta to the sauce and stir through to combine.

To serve
Serve and garnish with retained fennel fronds

About kathryninthekitchen

I find joy in all aspects of food and cooking; reading about it, enjoying the offerings of great restaurants and cafe’s, sourcing beautiful produce & transforming it into delicious meals to share with the people I care about. I quite easily lose track of time when I am engaged in my favourite pastime. I have always dreamt of one day training as a cook and 2018 is the year that journey begins. I am excited I have the opportunity to follow my passion and grateful for the support of my family and friends. I hope you enjoy my journey with me as well as other food related detours.
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