Meat – Lesson 5: Revision + Meat Curry

The final class of ‘Meat’ was a revision/assessment, in which the class was required to prepare, plate and present three of the meat dishes we had learned over the past four weeks. Chef would not guide or instruct, but rather observe, taste and appraise the presentation of each plate. We were informed in advance of the time each dish was to be presented to chef and the presentation was our choice. A workflow was required to be done prior to the class and submitted in class, if not it was to be done by the end of the class or no pass. Chef was only ensuring that we are ready for a commercial kitchen, he means business and I like it! The three dishes were, Goat Curry with Minted Yoghurt Sauce, Marinated Grilled Rump encrusted with toasted Sesame Seeds, Pan Fried Lambs Liver with Garlic Mash and Onion Rings.

Revision Day

Even though it was the last dish to present, the Goat Curry took the longest to cook so it needed to be prepared and in the oven first. At the end of the last class (week four), Chef asked for a volunteer to make the curry paste and rice for the entire class (15). I volunteered for the curry paste but when it came for a volunteer for the rice…it was the sound of ‘crickets’…stuff it…I would make my own Pilaf! It was the last dish plated and I brought plates and garnish from home for presentation. I was pleased with the result after 2.5 hrs of cooking (recipe below) and I received a good assessment.

Goat Curry with Rice Pilaf and Minted Yoghurt Sauce

The first dish to be presented was the Marinated Rump steak. A few tweaks to the presentation made a good impression. I thought this dish in the last class was somewhat bare…I added salted turmeric potatoes and grilled red onion. I managed to serve it medium rare as required with the help of my trusty and inexpensive IKEA meat probe.

Marinated Rump Steak with Dipping Sauce

Next I turned my attention to the Lambs Liver (still not a fan) and the accompaniments. The garlic potato mash was made and set to rest over a bain marie, the onion sauce was prepared and put aside to reheat before service and the onion rings were fried. All this done, I then cooked the liver (medium rare) and made ready the garnish, which again I brought with me. The finished plate looked inviting but….it was still Lambs Liver! Where as I received good comments on the dish, Chef mentioned that the look of the sauce would have been improved if I had added a mix of corn flour and water to the sauce.

Ready for tasting

I enjoyed creating my version of these dishes. I enjoyed planning ahead and simply cooking… it was a joy. Next week we start the Cakes, Pastry & Bread lessons..Hope to see you then 😊

Comments from Chef

Bon Appetite

Kathryn πŸ’™ πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

Meat Curry

The recipe I made used goat meat but any secondary cut of red meat, lamb or beef, would work just as well. The paste is generic and can be amped up or down to taste. Served with steamed or Pilaf Basmati rice and minted yoghurt …it’s delicious. 

  • 60 ml Vegetable Oil
  • 2 Bay leaves, dried
  • 6 gm Cumin seeds
  • 1 stick Cinnamon
  • 4 Cloves
  • 2 Red Onions
  • 4 cloves Garlic
  • 20 gm Ginger, fresh
  • 6 gm Turmeric
  • 6 gm Paprika
  • 2 Chillies, green long
  • 12 gm Curry powder
  • 30 gm Tomato Paste
  • 30 gm Flour, plain
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 400 gm Shoulder of Goat, Lamb or Beef
  • 1 Cartouche made of grease proof paper
  1. Preheat oven to 190 C

  2. Make the Curry Paste: 

     – Grind the ‘woody spices’ (bay, cumin, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves) to fine powder.

    – In a food processor, add the onion, garlic and ginger and blitz. Add the ground ‘woody spices’, the chilli, dry spice (turmeric, paprika and curry powder) and tomato paste.

  3. Season the flour and flour the meat. Shake off excess flour.

  4. Heat the pan and then add the oil. Add the spice and meat and brown, if it sticks, add a little liquid (water of stock) and loosen the meat from the bottom of the pot. 

  5. Once browned add enough water to just cover the meat. Bring to boil. Cover with cartouche (reduces evaporation) and cook for approximately 2.5 hrs – but check after the first hour to ensure there is enough liquid. 

  6. Serve with steamed or Pilaf Basmati & a yoghurt and mint sauce (with a touch of garlic and sugar). 

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I find joy in all aspects of food and cooking; reading about it, enjoying the offerings of great restaurants and cafe’s, sourcing beautiful produce & transforming it into delicious meals to share with the people I care about. I quite easily lose track of time when I am engaged in my favourite pastime. I have always dreamt of one day training as a cook and 2018 is the year that journey begins. I am excited I have the opportunity to follow my passion and grateful for the support of my family and friends. I hope you enjoy my journey with me as well as other food related detours.
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6 Responses to Meat – Lesson 5: Revision + Meat Curry

  1. Ron says:

    What fun Kathryn, I would have enjoyed being a taster at that class. Your presentation looks wonderful, especially the goat curry. On the subject of goat curry, thanks so much for sharing the recipe. I’ve a lamb shoulder in the freezer that I’ve been saving for the right recipe. Your curry will do the trick. The other dishes look wonderful as well. I’ll be back for the next lesson.

    • kathryninthekitchen says:

      As always – you are so generous with your comments and I appreciate you taking the time 😊

  2. i’ve had goat curry once in my life but i think it hadn’t been cooked very well so it was tough as old boots:) mmm lamb liver? i don’t think i could stomach that. congrats on your good comments from the Chef. cheers sherry

    • kathryninthekitchen says:

      Hi Sherry…I am so with you re the Lambs Liver…. I don’t care how nice it looks…you can’t get away from the fact it’s lamb live 😳. The goat cooked the way I described will lead to soft and tender meat. Thank you for your comment 😊

  3. cookingontheweekends says:

    Kathryn, I’m loving your posts because they really do take me back to when I was in culinary school. Looks like your doing amazing. All three of your dishes looks superb! I know that’s a lot of work! As Ron said, would be fun to be a taste tester. πŸ™‚

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